Golf City Products™ rakes are all molded from new, UV stabilized polypropylene resin, never re-grind! Upgrading to A-rake Ahead™ line is a smart move!
All of our bunker rakes are compatible with handles from all major manufacturers.
Our patented SAND MAIDEN™ rakes are our most popular line. Superintendents rely on the quality and they’re a proven favorite with the club membership as well! Available in 25″ 18″ 15″
15″ Premium Rake Head
15″ Premium Rake Head
We have just introduced a dual-headed leaf rake!
We also stock 24″ all-metal spring rake heads
Golf City aluminum Coool Handles™ incorporate a unique design that actually keeps them about 10% cooler than fiberglass! What could be better? No splinters, cooler and interchangeable with most rake heads out there!
Handles are available in 54″, 60″ and 72″ lengths.