For over 25 years, Golf City Products has been supplying
the highest quality O.E.M. products to the golf industry.

Innovation and Quality, Golf City Products Delivers!

Why Golf City Products Is Your Best Choice

We have been involved in manufacturing and product development for over 4 decades. Our factories have brought innovation to a wide variety of products. In the 80s we developed punch press systems that allowed rapid punch and die section change outs. In the early 90s we pioneered a proprietary aluminum die casting system that allowed for the molding of superior aluminum alloys.

We have always sought to improve everything that we manufacture Including the manufacturing systems. The multi-faceted manufacturing expertise we gained, along with the continuing effort to innovate and improve the products we make, extends to our family of companies including Golf City Products which we formed over 25 years ago.

We make non-stick ferrules, but unlike our competition, we make ours out of stainless steel and we guarantee them for 10 years. We make our plastic cups out of a high-density impact resistant ABS that is the same type of material as the bear-resistant food containers we make. They have to be tuff!

We will always offer you the best value whenever you select any of our products. Welcome, and we thank you for taking a minute to become acquainted with us, our history and the Golf City Products line!