Golf City Products is here to help!
If your budget’s a problem because “rounds” are down or you’ve
lost turf, we can help!

Budget constraints don’t mean you have to use broken rakes or worn out cups and thread bare flags!

At Golf City Products, we realize that if your course can’t operate profitably, neither can we.

Let us help, we’ll do what we can to keep your course looking good, and you out of the red!

At Golf City Products we define quality as:
“Achieving the Highest Level of Excellence.”

Quality begins with the careful selection of the best raw materials available. Golf City Products will never use re-grind or secondary material in the manufacture of any of our products. We never have and we never will!

Our meticulous attention to detail continues through every step of the manufacturing, molding and finishing processes, whether the item is made from aluminum, stainless steel or plastic.

Maybe we are obsessed with the materials and the manufacturing processes involved, but that’s typical of the effort we put into all of the products that we manufacture.

Why Golf City Products
For over a decade and a half, Golf City Products has continually improved developed and introduced exciting new products to the golf industry. Take our new dual-headed rake or our aluminum cups or our replacement ball retrievers for example. Our customers have told us they’re the best, we agree!
Why Expertise in Manufacturing is Important

Our 30 plus years of experience in manufacturing a wide variety of O.E.M. products, tools and various component parts ensures the quality that has come to be synonymous with the Golf City Products Brand.

If you have questions about any of our products or you’re just curious about what new or exciting things are just over the horizon, drop us a line, we’ll be happy to keep you up to date as we continue to expand our product line.

Who Is Golf City Products?

We are an American company with the manufacturing expertise necessary to offer you the best golf products at the best price. We are continually adding new products to our line as well as improving existing items. Consider visiting us occasionally just to see what we’ve added.