At Golf City Products™ we take pride in the attention to detail
we put into the manufacture of our aluminum cups!
  1. Tolerances: Each cup is physically inspected before and after the CNC machining station; we actually hold the same manufacturing tolerances necessary for the precision tools we make!
  2. Porosity: Every Golf City Cup is tested for porosity. This shows up any casting or machining defect. We know it’s critical in air tools and we think it’s important in golf cups as well!
  3. Chem-film Process: this is when we apply a proprietary protective chemical film. This helps prevent damage to the aluminum from fertilizers and other soil additives. Expensive, but important!
  4. Finishing: We apply a UV-stabilized powder coating along with an oven heat-treatment process. This seals the cup and forms a protective barrier for a long life, even in the harshest of conditions.
Our aluminum cups are available in both regulation 6″ and two types of the 4″ practice size.
The inserts for our Perma-white™ aluminum cups are available in both white and pink; a quick color change-out for “lady’s day”.
As an added bonus, inserts are reversible to give you twice the life!

If you’re looking for a quality plastic cup in a 6″ regulation or 4″ practice sizes, we make ours out of high impact, UV stabilized ABS. Our customers have told us that we make the best plastic cups at any price. We agree!

Our Golf City Limits™ hole marker rings are available in both white and pink. These will eliminate the need for painting around the top of the cup hole and allow for a quick color change in support of breast cancer awareness. These marker rings also prevent the permanent damage to the turf often caused by paint!