Golf City Products™ offer a wide range of accessories, including unique items such as 4″ diameter solid resin T-markers in 9 assorted colors. They will stand up to abuse and never lose their color!
We now offer 30″ Practice-size Flag Poles in both solid colors and a variety of striping colors.
All practice-size Flag Poles come with a metal base and an aluminum top with 3/8-24 thread.
We have added a Golf-bag Flag Pole shown above with the golf cart. This is a 5 foot- long flag pole with a unique “torpedo-shaped” plastic base which will protect against damage to the bag and clubs.
Our 4” solid round resin ball T-markers are solid color all the way through! 9 assorted colors.
Here’s the latest addition to our Solar Flag-Pole lights! It’s made from UV stabilized polycarbonate to give a long life and it’s threaded 3/8-24 to fit regular flag-pole tops.A full charge will give light all night! An automatic light sensor turns it off so it can re-charge during the day.
Our Golf City Limits™ hole marker rings are available in both white and pink. These will eliminate the need for painting around the top of the cup hole and allow for a quick color change in support of breast cancer awareness. These marker rings also prevent the permanent damage to the turf often caused by paint!
Golf City aluminum Coool Handles™ incorporate a unique design that actually keeps them about 10% cooler than fiberglass! What could be better? No splinters, cooler and interchangeable with most rake heads out there!
Handles are available in 54″, 60″ and 72″ lengths.
Our non-stick stainless steel ferrules come with a 10-year guarantee. Most of our competitors make their ferrules out of zinc or aluminum. We think stainless steel is better and we know they will not stick in the cup!
We offer aluminum replacement flag pole tops and plastic acorn nuts, T-nuts and knob nuts all in 3/8-24 thread size.

Try our Premium Washable T-towels they come 200 per box. You’ll love them!